What is Business Premises Permit (BPP)?
Business Premises Permit (BPP) is a mandatory annual permit that all businesses operating in a particular premise(s) within the State must obtain as specified in the Second Schedule of Ogun State Business Premises Registration Law as Amended in 2006.
  • Taxes and Levies (Approved List for Collection) Act of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1998 as Amended in 2015.

  • Business Premises Registration Law of Ogun State of Nigeria as Amended in 2006.

Yes. It is for all businesses operating within the State except Lock-up shops and kiosks. The section 26 of Business Premises Registration Law, 2006 clearly spells out the offences and penalty/fine thereto, for such failure or neglect. Please click here for comprehensive list of businesses
The rate as specified in the Business Premises Registration Law as Amended in 2006. However, each company can generate invoice online upon registration via: businesspermit.ogunstate.gov.ng.
Yes, as long as your business is operating in Ogun State. However, The promoter of informal business can register for business premises permit online using their proposed business name.
Ogun State Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (MoITI).

Contact us via:

E-Mail Address: businesspremisespermit@ogunstate.gov.ng
Telephone Numbers: 08038536303, 08086169766
It is valid between 1st January and 31st December of every year.
The benefits include access to:
  • Create a free account online,
  • Register all branches under one account,
  • Download and print certificate instantly
  • Renew permit annually online.
Payment can be made online using: businesspermit.ogunstate.gov.ng. Likewise, all other processes such as registration, instant invoice, receipt and printing of certificate of registration can be done via the link provided above.
Certificate of Registration which must be displayed in visible place within the business premises for inspection by Government Officials.
Instantly, upon successful completion of online registration.
  • Business Premises Permit (BPP) is a fee payable on a specific space where a business activity is being carried out as provided for in the Ogun State Business Premises Registration Law as Amended in 2006.
  • Land Use Charge: is a consolidation of all land based rates and charges payable to the State Government as provided in Section 3(1) & 27(1) of the Land use and amenities charge No 26, 2013
  • Trade permit is a rate being charged by the Local Government for Lock-up shops and kiosks only as provided in the Taxes and Levies Act of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1998 as Amended in 2015.

No, the Business Premises Permit covers your warehouse, if it is located within the same premises.

No, you will have to register each business with using different e-mail addresses. This is as a result of one of the security features on our payment platform.

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